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Mark Dix
Mark Dix


Melody in the mode of a traditional Celtic ballad, lyric echoing a Native American vision quest, recorded with voice and percussion only.


An eagle flies across the mountain

the sunlight fades, a star appears

a voice is calling from the wilderness

the light of God is drawing near


there is no one to walk beside you,

there is no one to take your hand

there is no turning from your destiny

the time of God is close at hand


what is this fear so deep inside you?

what is this trembling in the air?

what is this sighing in the branches?

the voice of God is everywhere


you cannot hold it to your body,

you cannot hold it in your mind

as sure as water slips between the stones

the hour of God is passing by


lay down your burdens and your meanings

lay down the words you have been told

lift up your life and leave this place behind

the place of God is in your soul


Mark Dix


The opening cut from the CD Nobody's Angel.


I been through some trouble

but I ain't never quit

got myself together

didn't like it one bit

I'd rather take it easy

live out on a raft

be nothin' but a dreamer

but nobody would laugh

when they see my ship a' comin'

up the river one day

glory hallelujah, baby

love is here to stay!


this one's got to be real

this one's got to be real

no matter what you're thinkin'

no matter how you feel, baby

this one's bound to be real


It was on a Sunday mornin'

I remember it quite well,

I thought I'd do some fishin' 

put my feet up for a spell,

all at once it hit me 

there was somethin' on my line

I called the operator

and she answered just in time

the water started risin' 

the wind began to roar

I got a funny feelin' 

this had happened once before


and this one's got to be real...


When I woke up from my coma

I was feelin' kinda dead

I thought I saw an angel

standin' by my bed

she woke me from my slumber

put my feet back on the ground

I thought I was in heaven

every time she came around

people called me crazy 

told me somethin' wasn't right

I told them don't you worry now

I think I've seen the light!


and this one's got to be real...

Mark Dix


This is the second song to be released from the upcoming CD, Nobody's Angel. The bluesy narrative is beautifully supported by the harmonica playing of Hatrack Gallagher and the vocal harmony of bandmates Robin Winter and Bill Mantone. Check out the Youtube lyric video here.

Look below for the previous release, The Old Violin.


down in an alley,

late in the day

I saw an old man

in a doorway

he didn't want my money

didn't ask for my spare change

he just looked through me

and I thought I heard him say


mister, you don't know me

and I don't know you

you don't know nothin'

about the things that I been through

there's no way to tell you

why I'm here by this door

but one thing I do know

and I know it for sure


everybody's lonesome tonight

everyone's got a heartache 

that won't come out right

and everybody's searchin'

for just one ray of light

but everybody's lonesome tonight


I went on my way

lookin' for a good time

couldn't get that old man

out of my mind

the sound of his voice

the look in his eye

came right back to me

from every stranger I passed by


I stopped in to a bar

to look up some old friends

but I could not connect

with any one of them

the mirror by the table 

when I looked in to see

there's that old man

starin' right back at me

and sayin'


everybody's lonesome...


the evening was over

I was feelin' kinda strange

back in the alley

only the light had changed

as I walked to that doorway

he flashed me a smile

and a wave of his hand

said come sit by me awhile


I never heard his story

never told him mine

but while we sat together

he opened a doorway 

in my mind

now when I'm lonely

and far from my hone

a voice in the night says

you can never be alone, 'cause


everybody's lonesome...

Mark Dix


First song to be released from upcoming cd Nobody's Angel. Be sure to check out the lyric video on Youtube, here.


in the house where we would go

when I was a child and all of my family were there

there's an old violin that hangs on the wall

by a picture at the foot of the stair


and many were the nights 

we would fall into bed at the end of a long summer day

and our dreams would take flight in the fading light

to the tunes that my grandfather played


and time slowed down to listen to the sound

of the music that floated through the hall

at the end of the day when Grandfather played

that old violin on the wall


and he told me once that when he was young

a travelling show came to town

and the fiddler in the band was a drinking man

but he played with a beautiful sound


so Grandfather stayed and while the band would play

he'd listen again and again

and the fiddler must have known

cause when the show moved on he left behind an old violin


and time slowed down...


now the house still remains though so many things have changed

there are pictures where the family would have been

and Grandfather's there in a frame by the stairs

next to that old violin


and time slows down to listen to the sound

of the music that floats through the hall

at the end of the day when Grandfather plays

that old violin on the wall,

the end of the day Grandfather plays

that old violin on the wall

Whose Muddy Shoes
Mark Dix


A new original song for the holidays.


The winter snows are fallin'

the longest nights are here

it's Christmas on the radio

time is drawing near


We gather close together

where we are safe and warm

with friends and family around us

we wait out the storm


But somewhere on this silent night

someone needs our love

it won't come from far away

no, it won't come from up above


So let us sing a Christmas song

for everyone to hear

and let us build a better world 

in the coming year

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